Wigan Hair Extension Training Courses

RAW Hair Extension Training in Wigan, Course Information - £399.99 Now £299.99*Limited Space

One Day Micro Ring, Micro Loop and Pre Bonded Hair Extension Training Courses in Wigan

Hair Extension Course Cost :- £399.99 Now £299.99*Limited Space  including a full kit

Training Location:- Wigan Lane, Wigan, WN1 2NB  -

Course Date: Monday   Limited Space


BRAND NEW - All of our Hair Extension Training Courses in Wigan now include a free micro website. CLICK HERE for an example of the website. This will help you promote your hair extension business in Wigan and will be shown on Google.

hair extension training courses in WiganThe Three Hair Extension Methods You Will Learn On The Day in Wigan:

  • PRE Bonded Hair Extensions – is a glue method of hair extension integration.
  • Micro Ring Hair Extensions – this is a non-glue method and excellent for sensitive scalps.
  • Micro Loop Hair Extensions - Is another none-glue method, very popular with celebs at the moment.
  • These Hair Extension methods are the very best methods to learn for hair extension integration.

Micro Ring, Loop & Pre Bonded Hair Extension in Wigan Course Information

The micro ring, loop and pre-bonded hair extension training course in Wigan is a one day course.
The groups are small with just six students per class and the passes are high.
The hair extension course starts at 10:00 am and finishes around 18:30.

The price of the diploma award hair extension course in Wigan is £399.99. All group courses have a £50.00 cancellation charge to secure your place, and the rest is payable up to the day of the training course. 

The Micro Ring, Loop and Pre Bonded Hair Extension Diploma Course includes an Hair Extensions Kit which contains:

75 Pieces of Finest Remy Grade Hair Extensions
Pre Bonded Hair Extension Heating Clamp
Micro Ring Hair Extension Tools
Hair Extension Heat Shield
Hair Extension Finger Cots
Hair Extension Comb
Hair Extension Sectioning Clips
Hair Extension Removal Fluid
Hair Extension Removal Pliers
Hair Extension Training Course Manual
Hair Extension Certificate
Hair Extension Client Forms

The Hair Extension Course in Wigan is suitable for the complete beginner as well as professional hairdressers. After completion of the training course in Wigan, you will be fully qualified to install hair extensions on members of the paying public. You will learn pre-bonded, micro loop and micro ring hair extensions for one incredible price of £399.99

To apply to attend our course, please click the apply button below. course cancellation charge is from £39.99  You can pay the remaining course balance on the day of the course.


Enrol on the Wigan Hair Extension Course

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If you have any questions about the Hair Extension Course in Wigan the quickest way to contact us, is to use the contact form at the top left of this page, we aim to respond within 3 hours.

You can also call our Head Office to speak with our friendly Student Advisor Team in Wigan: 0114 360 3039 between the hours of 10:30 and 15:30, Monday – Friday.

If you have Facebook to message us CLICK HERE

Or alternatively email our Wigan Hair Extension Course Information Team direct: Wigan@rawhairextensiontraining.co.uk
If you have already enrolled on the hair extension course, you can call or email your personal Student Advisor. Or see below for our frequently asked questions for our hair extension integration courses in Wigan

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Hair Extension Training Courses in Wigan

When I have Completed the Hair Extension Course in Wigan, Does This Mean I'm a Fully Qualified Hair Extension Integration Technician?

After completing the Hair Extension Training Course in Wigan, you will then be able to obtain public liability insurance. You will need public liability in order to integrate hair extensions for members of the public.

Do You Have Courses for Non-Hairdressers Wishing to do Hair Extension Training in Wigan?

Yes, all of our courses in Wigan are suitable for non-hairdressers and hair dressers. Non- hairdressers are actually some of our best students.

What happens if I Don't Pass the Hair Extension Training Course in Wigan?

If you do not pass the training course, we will then book you on the next course in Wigan free of charge, until you do pass the course. This will always be in complete confidence

I Would Like to Work Self Employed Fitting Hair Extensions Around Wigan. If I Complete Your Training Course Can I Do This?

Yes. If you have passed our Hair Extension Training Course in Wigan, you will be fully qualified to apply hair extensions to members of the paying public.

How Much is the Hair Extension Training Course in Wigan?

£399.99 and this includes a professional starter kit.

I Would Like To Start My Own Hair Extension Business in Wigan Can You Help Me?

Yes, we are probably the best hair extension company in Wigan to help you. We offer all of our hair extension students a free micro website to kick-start your business in 12 months. We are the only hair extension company in Wigan to offer this service.

You Offer A Free Micro Website With All Hair Extension Training Courses. How Much is it After 12 Months?

The cost of the Micro Website is just £30.00 per year. This is an excellent way to boost your sales and kick-start your business.

Are Your Tutors Fully Qualified to Teach Hair Extension Training?

Yes, we would not be able to operate without the fully qualified tutors.

Do I Need to Bring Anything Else to the Hair Extension Training Course in Wigan?

No, just be willing to learn a new skill.

What Size are the Classes for the Hair Extension Training Course in Wigan?

We never train more than six students per training course.

Do You Offer One to One Hair Extension Training or Training in My Salon in Wigan?

Yes we offer 1to1 hair extension training courses. Please contact a Student Advisor for more information.


What Other Hair Extension Courses Do You Teach Apart from Pre Bonded Hair Extensions in Wigan?

We are approved to teach Hair Extension integration using the following methods:

• Pre Bonded Hair Extension Integration - The very best method of Hair Extension Integration

• Keratin Dipped Hair Extension Integration - The oldest used method and the most complained about

• Micro Rings Hair Extension Integration - The cheapest method; sheds hair very easily

• Loop Bonding Hair Extension Integration - A cheap method; sheds hair very easily

We find the most professional hair extension method is the Pre Bonded method. This technique is used in all the top salons in the world.

What Reviews are Available for the Training Courses in Wigan?

Please contact our student team in Wigan


Do You Offer On-line Hair Extension Courses?

No, integration of Hair Extensions is a technical skill which is practical-based.

I'm a Fully Qualified Hairdresser Can I Do the Hair Extension Course in Wigan?

Yes, our Hair Extension Courses in Wigan would be perfect for you.

Do You Have a Test as Part of the the Hair Extension Training Course?

Yes, we have one multiple choice questionnaire

Can I Bring / Do We Need a Model for the Hair Extension Training Course in Wigan?

No, our students all train to integrate hair extensions on a training head. This is much harder than on a human head.

Do You Have Car Parking Facilities at the Hair Extension Training Venue in Wigan?

YES. There is a private car park and the typical cost is around £5.00

Can You Offer the Hair Extension Course in My Salon in Wigan?

Yes and we have discounts for multiple students.
Please contact Wigan@RAWhairextensiontraining.co.uk